Our Mission is "Helping local business succeed in the 21st century."

The Surflocal Vision is to stimulate the American economy by providing an avenue for local businesses to build and market their goods and services locally on the world wide web. Getting properly categorized on the major search engines in the natural search results so that, potential clients searching for their industry will find them quickly and easily.

We believe that if we can boost the local business in our nation and expand their markets, a significant and very positive change would occur. We believe the Surflocal Online Marketing Program can be a world changing asset. We truly want to help local business be able to compete in our ever changing economy. Local business is the heart of our communities. They are the volunteers at all of the community events, they are the business owners throughout your area working for a better business community.

Starting in 1996, Surflocal's strategy was working to promote our clients on the internet. We wanted all of our client's businesses to be able to compete in the 21st century by growing their business through what we then called, "local search placement".

Surflocal proved that if a company could market to their entire sales territory at a price that they could afford, the company could then compete with larger corporations. We started this technology by pioneering coupons on the internet.

Surflocal (then called Colonial Ad) was the first company to provide downloadable coupons that would market a business on the search engines to the location they needed to be competitive in. This new technology would also bring 'foot traffic' to a business, thereby expanding the customer base to a profitable level.

By 2000, Surflocal had expanded to provide nationwide advertising to all types of businesses on the internet. Today, simply by placing an ad on the surflocal.pro system, your company can now be listed on the major search engines with other businesses in your area according to the products and services you provide.

PLUS: With the addition of the Surflocal Webpage Creator & Online Coupon Creator, the price of an effective website or coupon advertisement was reduced from thousands of dollars to a couple of hundred dollars, by making it an affordable way to grow your business.

Our webpage and coupon creator makes it simple to edit a project and can be completed by anyone you choose. The editing can be completed from any internet ready computer thus saving you time and money.

The technology to promote your products and services accurately at a price you can afford.
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